Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The next generation

Pornography addiction is so hush hush and not discussed anywhere. How frustrating since sooo many of us are suffering in silence. This is a lot of why I hope this Shamed Movie gets produced (2 more weeks to raise money :S). This movie will be able to get the word out to so many more than what of our blogs can reach. Whether pornography addiction has entered your home, your neighbors, siblings, or miraculously no one's that you know of, we can all help the next generation. We can all be advocates against pornography. Being an advocate doesn't mean you have to devulge your life and story. It merely means you take a stand against this plague. Most importantly create an open dialgue in your homes. Teaching your children what pornography is and teaching them what to do when they are exposed to it. Yes I said when not if. Once we have taught this in our home we can branch out to others. Support discussions of this subject in your ward, extended family, and with good friends. Yes it is uncomfortable right now. That is exactly the problem! Once we can make this a non-uncomfortable subject (does that make sense?) to discuss is when Satan will start to lose this battle. I personally feel as though this is one of my purposes in life. To bring pornography addiction into the light. Showing that good people deal with this and that even though they have an addiction they are still great people. These people can heal from their addictions and become better. We don't become better by having a carefree life on easy street, I know lame! The Prophet and Apostles whom I would assume we all respect haven't had a trial-free life. They have become better and refined because of the pain and trials they have endured. As we heal in our trials we need to become advocates against this. You do not have to share your personal hardships but we are doing our families and so many others a disservice if we don't bring this to light. Stand up for what is right! Turn this uncomfortable stigmatized subject into one that is discussed openly in your home. Protect your children from what you are currently enduring. Protect their future marriage and children by teaching them now how to avoid addiction. When they are exposed teach them to come to you. Be kind and gentle to them. Support them and teach them correct principles that they can forever hold on to. As ridiculous as this sounds I hope that the day will come that when a women finds out of her husbands pornography addiction she will be able to tell all her friends and family and in return all her friends and family will rally around her and to support and love her. Similar to if you said your husband was an alcoholic. Know what I'm saying? Let us all do our part. Let us all be brave and courageous. Do what you wish someone would have done for you. Informed you!

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  1. Thankyou for writing it means a lot to those of us suffering in silence


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