Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Do You See Him?

I heard the best thing from a person I greatly respect that I want to share with you. I hope she doesn't mind :S.

"We need to see our husbands as the Savior see's him."

Think about it. I mean seriously sit and think about this. If we truly see our spouses as the Savior see's him things would be totally different. Think to yourself how the Savior see's him. Take your emotions out of the picture for a moment. Our Savior loves him, unconditionally. He see's his many accomplishments, name them! He see's his beautiful wife. He see's his beautiful children. He see's a man who works hard, loves his children, loves his wife and is trying. He see's a man who is hurt but wanting so badly to change. He knows this man's inner most feelings and desires more so than the man himself. If you still can't see him this way here is a little story to help you.
A daughter was visiting her mom for the week. All night long she was kept up with the neighbors yappy dog. She was so annoyed. I mean, who wouldn't be? 'Who let's their dog yap like that all night?' She thought. The next morning she told her mom that she needed to let the police know about the dog. 'There are ordinances against this, quiet hours in neighborhoods. That dog is so loud.' The mom didn't say anything. Each night the daughter lay awake annoyed by this ridiculous dog. While complaining again to her mom, her mom kindly replied, 'The neighbor called me last week and apologized that her dog was barking all night. She explained that her son was not doing well and the therapist recommended that they get a dog because it might keep her son here a little longer. The neighbor said very apologetically,

'I am sorry for the annoying dog but I absolutely adore my son.'

Think of our Heavenly Father. He absolutely adores His son. He loves your husband even with the addiction he has and has put on his family. Heavenly Father also absolutely adores His daughter (you!). Try to see your husband as your Savior see's him. It may sound difficult but pray for help! What a difference this could make in our recovery and healing. Your husband is a good man. If you can't see this know that Heavenly Father can. Trust your Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. They know you. They know your husband. They know your situation and with Their help you can heal.
I thank my friend for this great message. Pray for help in seeing your husband as your Savior see's him, what a blessing this will be for us.

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