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Welcome to our blog. We have started this blog to help other wives in our situation. We are active LDS women who want to share our story. I am 'Wife A' and have been married for 4 years and have 2 amazing kids! I was recently informed by my husband that he has struggled with a pornography addiction for many years. I was devastated to say the least but we are working together and are overcoming this battle. As I started to research what help was out there I found that all the information was more devastating than helpful. I hope that this blog can show you what I am dealing with and inspire and remind you that it will be ok. life can and will be good again. I hope that if you are in need, I can be a strength to you. If you have successfully rid this evil from your families life I hope for you to be an example to me. Life is full of trials but we can overcome them and be better because of them. Pornography is rampant in our society and I hope that this small blog can help as many wives as possible! We can do this, we are amazing! Please contact me if you need a listening ear, want to share your story, or need a friend in any way @  wiveshelpingwives@gmail.com

I'm Wife J, and similar to Wife A, have had to step foot onto the unfamiliar and uncomfortable path of forgiveness and healing while supporting my husband through his overcoming of pornography. I was first made aware of this problem 2 years into our marriage. We've now been married over 7 years (+3 mind-boggling kiddos), and the brunt of both of our healings have been within the last two years. I hope to offer words of hope, that through any circumstance we are not alone, and it will get better as you counsel with the Lord as your main support. We as wives are responsible for our own healings. And we CAN and WILL heal. Just as physical wounds take time and care to heal properly, so must our emotional, mental, and spiritual entities take time and much care to heal properly. I've always been extremely grateful for divine female examples in my life, and hopefully this blog can help each of us through posts and comments alike. Truly, there is hope!

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