Thursday, February 9, 2012

News Article and Communication

This week in the BYU student newspaper the opinion editor ran a series on pornography addiction. Here is the link to the section I wrote. She also put an article in from an addict and info from a therapist. I hope this will help at least one addict or spouse heal a little faster! Slowly but surely people this plague is being brought to light! It makes me kinda excited, I know weird right? I just see such a need for this knowledge and awareness. May we all continue to heal and pay it forward to others in our situation.
On another note I continued to be reminded of how important communication is in healing from this addiction as well as in life in general. My husband and I's communication was lacking before I became aware of this addiction. Since then we have strived VERY tireously to improve it. Some days and weeks we rock at communicating, other times not so much. We are learning that when we aren't communicating as well we are annoyed with each other sometimes for the dumbest things. This is totally my opinion, as is this entire blog, but I feel like you have to be TOTALLY honest with your husband about your feelings. My husband recently informed me he couldn't read my mind. Who knew right? But no, I am learning that I have to tell him what I am feeling, what my concerns are. He has no idea unless I open my mouth and politely convey them. Just this week we were struggling with our communication so we sat down one night, discussed what was going on, and actually wrote down what things needed to change. It was silly but very beneficial for us. Good communication encompasses so much I realize but it is something that has to be continually strived for, at least in my case. Let your spouse know what is going on and how you are feeling in every area of life. It has made great improvements in my marriage and I hope to continue to keep it a priority.

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