Sunday, February 5, 2012


Errrggg! I was so annoyed by some of the commercials during the Superbowl tonight. I just get mad at how much sex and nudity is such a seller for products. My husband and I have this thing that if a product has a trashy ad we no longer support the company. Not that our measily dollars make a difference but it makes us feel better. Well, after the Superbowl tonight the list grew. What a bummer! It saddens me that the world revolves around sex. Hence my ERG! There it is, my vent of the night. I don't think the world will ever change unfortunately but I do hope as women with standards we can make a stand and rid it from our lives and those around us. Let's promote and advocate against the evil that this is. Sex and nudity should be kept and held sacred and special, because it is. And as a side note that does actually tie in head over to the Shamed website. They really need these donations, only 9 days left to reach their goal. Spread the word wherever possible. This info needs to be spread to those who do deal with it personally and those who don't. Please do anything you can for this great cause! Thank you to you all!  I hope your healing is continuing to progress in the right direction.

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