Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dreaded Day

Oh Valentines Day. Dumbest Holiday ever in my opinion! I have always hated it. Whether I was dating someone, single, or even now married. I just think it is dumb. Why is there an assigned day to show love? Shouldn't that be every day of the year? And don't we deserve flowers spountaneously not just on Feb. 14th? Just the beginning of my dislike list... Anyways, this year I have decided to embrace it. I decorated my house, not much but a little something, and we decided to have a fun dinner with our kids tomorrow. Today I took the kids out to pick out a balloon and treat for Daddy. Tomorrow we are making heart shaped pizza and dressing up for dinner. It is still not my favorite holiday but at least I am not dreading it. I'm just trying to embrace it I suppose. As I have been thinking about the day and what it all entails, showing love for your significant other in physical and monetary ways, I thought how much more difficult if might be for women in our positions. I don't really know how to put it into words that are friendly but do you know what I mean? I personally have grown to love my husband more, after much dislike and agony might I add, and maybe that is why I am embracing the holiday more this year. Or maybe I am just trying not to be a scrouge and show my kids that it's fun... Regardless for some tomorrow will be hard. It will be uncomfortable and sad. My heart goes out to you that are in that place. I hope that you will be able to enjoy tomorrow as best as possible and that next year and the years to come will be even better because you have grown to love your significant other even more from such a painful trial. What are your feelings about Valentines Day and what will you be doing to celebrate tomorrow?

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  1. This was incredibly sweet. Thank you for posting this. This year I've come to a better realization that Valentine's Day should be about the people we love, and that includes our husbands/boyfriends, siblings, parents, friends, and anyone else who brings a smile to our faces. I sent my sister a text to tell her I love her, I wrote an email to our RS president telling her how appreciated she is, and I stuck a little note in my husband's pocket as he left for work. I think Valentine's Day can hurt a lot less for the women who are having a hard time if we concentrate on others and reach out to those we love. It hurts less when we rememeber that there are SO many people in our lives who love us and who would appreciate our love, even if our relationship with one of them (our husband) is strained. Perhaps we should concentrate on Christlike love today, and if we can concentrate on it today of all days (since today is rough for many people), then how much easier will it be to concentrate on it every day? Thanks for this post.


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