Monday, January 30, 2012

YOU are beautiful

Man alive is beauty being attacked or what? The world focuses so much on outer beauty and how we are 'suppose' to look. Magazines show us perfect flawless images of women and somehow we are suppose to look like them even though we have no hair and make-up team and lack photoshop to make imperfections disappear. I wanted to discuss this subject because I think as women whose husbands are pornography addicts we have an even harder time feeling beautiful. Some of us have had and nursed children (holy body wreckage! but worth it), some of us have acne even though we aren't in high school anymore, and not all of us can afford clothes from Nordstroms. I qualify in all of these categories and to top it off I simply don't have the time to look flawless even if I wanted to for 30 seconds until my kids attack. We as women shouldn't feel the pressure that the world is putting on us. Realize how beautiful you are inside and out. You do not have be flawless to be beautiful. This article is amazing and I want you all to read it! How true it is. Whether you have teenage daughters or not think of the way you would want them to feel about themselves. How do you see them? How would you want them to see themselves as? Now let that be how you see yourself. I'm not kidding. My mom always told me to do my best to look presentable and then leave your looks behind and focus on others. I thank her for that simple yet profound lesson. We can all be happy. We can all help others. We can all smile and laugh. We can have pleasing personalities. These are all FREE accessories to our beauty and boy do I love free! Study the gospel to learn about your true beauty. Don't fall into Satan's trap of the world's 'perfect flawless' beauty idea. It's expensive and hardly acheivable. Work on those free accessories that will inhance the amazing and beautiful woman that you are!

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