I want to create a page dedicated to intimacy. I have struggled with intimacy and sex from the beginning of our marriage long before I became aware of his pornography addiction. Intimacy and sex are vital to a successful marriage. I believe strongly in that yet I still struggle with it. Here is a post that describes a little of why I struggle. I know that sex is good and 'endorsed' if you will by Heavenly Father. It is meant to create unity with our spouse and to grow closer as a couple. I know that it is important and good yet somehow it is still difficult for me. I am working on my 'issues' in this department and my husband and I are working together to create a good healthy fun sex life. If you struggle like me I hope that this helps! I will continue to post from time to time about this subject and add to the article arsenal in hopes to help!


  1. I think that a page like this is really great! If anything, the journeys we have collectively been through as taught us that intimacy while of sex is not synonomous with it.

    To be intimate in mind body and soul with a recovering porn addict is one of the hardest things ever!

  2. I don’t mean to gate-crash anyone’s party and I hope I'm not intruding here on a wives-only page, but I am desperately in need of help. I have viewed pornography over a long period and told my wife all. The last time, about a year ago, she was understandably devastated. When I viewed 2 video clips involving nudity last week, I told my wife the next day and, ironically, my opening up caused her to shut down. This time I have done real damage. The addiction is broken – I think, but that’s what I thought the last time. I long for intimacy and so does my wife, but her desire for intimacy with me has gone.
    I feel I am losing my marriage, though I love my wife above all other women and I don’t even think about other women sexually. I certainly don’t lust after women I see. I think my problem is a male one – ‘compartmentalisation’; thinking I can keep different parts of my life in separate boxes. I don’t want to do this; I want to be a man of integrity who can say:’ examine me and you’ll find I‘m the same on all sides’. I am devastated and helpless to do anything except to allow my wife to go her own way (she won’t leave, but we have become ‘just good friends’ again).
    We are still best friends, but just that – good friends. How can I win her back?

  3. Brian,

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