Friday, November 18, 2011

Proud of Him

I was out of town for the day and wouldn't be returning home until evening. My husband decided to rent the most recent Pirates movie to pass the time until I got home. I had previously told him that I did not want us to rent the movie because I had seen it in theatres and thought it wasn't good. He thought I just didn't like the movie so he rented it while I was gone. As I called him on my way home and asked what he was doing he told me he got the movie. I expressed that I didn't want him to watch it. He asked why and I told him how the movie not only was dark and not uplifting but filled with mermaid (sirens) who were way more provocative than I felt comfortable with. He told me that he would turn it off no problem. I was and am proud of him. Proud of him for trusting and respecting my opinion. Proud of him for turning it off when he could have finished it without me knowing. Before I was informed of this addiction I sadly would have not had thought twice. How many movies have we allowed into our home even though they are filthy and vulgar? I am grateful for my awareness of this addiction because I am now trying harder to keep the media clean in our home, which is not an easy task these days. I am proud of my husband today and am grateful for his respect towards me and our home. He is doing his best to overcome this unwanted addiction and that is all I can ask.


  1. That is awesome. Really. I think my husband hasn't quite come around to screening out TV and movies that are inappropriate in perhaps small ways. He says they don't affect him or lead him to look at porn, but I think he doesn't realize that they chip away at him. Kudos to your husband.

  2. Wife A! I'm so happy for you guys :) That's great!! We're still at the point where he will cover his eyes. Boo, but we are working on it :) Good job Husband!!!!!!!!


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