Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Have I mentioned that I love my LDS 12 step addiction recovery group? haha I do! Tonight at the very end of the meeting the sister missionary running the group shared a very powerful message. She talked about how she told her teenage grandkids that she knows what pornography is. She does not view it but she knows what it is and if they have been exposed to it she can help. Their parents can help. It is ok. Their parents and her (Grandma) are there for them. I was so impressed by this. Her teenage grandkids were so embarrassed initally but it quickly led to open conversation. These kids do not like what is being thrown at them. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. Life is out of control and we as strong LDS women need to be there for these children. We need to show them how aware we are of these issues and explain that we are here to help and guide. We will not get mad. We will love them and guide them back onto the correct path. I am inspired by this sister missionary to be an example and advocate against pornography. I thank the sister missionary who bore her testimony and is an example against this horrific plague. What blessed grandkids to have her as a grandmother. I hope to be this type of woman to my husband, children, friends, and someday future generations. What an inspiration!


  1. I too attend a 12 step recovery group - I feel so blessed to have found these ladies. I now feel some sense of hope for the future and know I'm not alone. The plethora of emotions and issues my husbands addiction has brought about is staggering and sometimes I just can't bear the weight of it all. But each time I attend a meeting I come home feeling strengthened and like I can carry on. Thanks for your insights here on your blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I plan to have very open conversations with my kids about this when they are older. We can't afford not to. I've been talking with friends recently about the human body and how we should be able to celebrate it and see it as beautiful, but it has been so corrupted by the media and pornography that instead we feel the need to run to the opposite extreme and censor anything that shows any amount of skin/nudity for fear that it will send our husbands back in the wrong direction. Adam and Even didn't need to cover their nakedness, because no one was exploiting it. It was natural and beautiful. I wish we could teach our children that and not have society mess with it. What a great example this sister is in being open with her grandkids about it.


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