Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today was ward conference for us so the stake president spoke to all the men and women during the third hour. He spoke on a variety of things but I wanted to share an excellent story that he conveyed to us today. He spoke of a woman who was in his office a while back who was ready to leave her husband after a long fight against pornography. He wasn't finding recovery. She had stuck by him but she was at her last wits end and was done (needless to say my attention had been caught). The woman continued telling my stake president how enthralled she would become when the news began covering natural disasters or other big issues. She would watch all day and night, waiting to see what would unfold. As she watched a story about miners stuck hundreds of feet below ground she was hooked. She watched for 3 days as loved ones held vigils above ground, crews worked tireously to rescue these trapped men. Finally as the men began to be pulled up something hit her. These men were covered in filth from head to toe. All you could see were their eyes. As one of the men was pulled up a woman ran through the crowd and grabbed her husband. She sobbed and wrapped her arms around him. She helped him to the gurney of fresh white linens to seek medical attention. She didn't care that he was covered in total filth. She had been waiting to see him alive for days and now that he was here she wasn't letting him go. As this woman watched this story on the news unfold she realized how similar it was to her. How filthy and trapped Her husband was. He needed rescuing. He needed someone to help him to the white covered linens. She was that person. She could help and support him. Someone had told her shortly thereafter what a good man her husband was, no idea of this addiction. She told that person that he was. People make mistakes, people have addictions. We can and need to forgive. We can stand by them and support them to the gurney. We can be like this woman and her husband. As my husband and I listened to this story (no one knowing about his addiction) he turned to me and said, "Thats a great story." I immediately knew I wanted to share it. I was happy that we could sit together and listen to a story about pornography recovery and after have my husband lean to me and say how much it meant to him. It's a strange thing to explain but it made me happy. I feel like we have come so far. I feel like I have stood by him in his darkest hour. When he was filthy and needing assistance. He has stood by me in many dark moments and supports me as well. Standing by them can be difficult at times but I thank my Heavenly Father that I was able to do so. I hope this story lifts your spirits like it did mine today! Happy Sabbath Day/Night ;).

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