Monday, March 12, 2012

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The producer of the Shamed movie has contacted me and would like me to get this information out to anyone who might be of help. Please read and respond if this is something that will work into your life and recovery process. If not, I (and the Shamed movie staff) understand. I am excited to see this movie come to pass. It is so very needed. Here's the info!

My name is Jordan Harker. Jessica Mockett and I are producing a feature length documentary film entitled SHAMED which focuses on the debilitating effects of shame surrounding pornography use & addiction in conservative Christian communities. The intent of our film is to help people be supportive of those seeking recovery.  We want people to understand pornography addiction by learning to SPEAK openly, LISTEN compassionately and HEAL completely.  You can learn more about the film, the renowned experts and organizations who are on board, and read crew bios at out website:
We are reaching out to you for some much needed help.  We are currently searching for  individuals (pornography users, addicts, & loved ones of addicts) to share their experiences on-camera.  This is one of the most important aspect of the film for reaching and informing viewers who want to learn about porn and its harmful effects. We ask you to please help share the following information in a personal way through your outlets and networks (blogs, email subscriber lists, website, etc.).
Below is an over-all "wish list" of criteria that will aid us in creating a film that spotlights individuals from varied ethnicities, ages and Christian religions. Our goal is to have these subjects informed, contacted, and solidified by March 24 so that we can comfortably plan/pay for their travel and lodging preparations before our first in studio shoot at the end of April, 2012. 
If you know of anyone who meets the following criteria (or other friends/organizations that would be eager to help), we ask that you share this information with them and encourage them to contact us by the following email or phone number as soon as possible.
From their initial contact we will make further communication arrangements that are most appropriate, timely, and comfortable for the potential interviewee. 
We are looking for:

- female, 17-21 years old, any Christian faith, any ethnicity
- female, 30-35 years old, any Christian faith, non-white
- female, mid 20s, LDS (Mormon), non-white
- male, teenage boy, any ethnicity, any Christian faith
- male, mid 20s, non-religious/atheist
- male, Hispanic, Catholic, between 25-35 yrs
- male who really pushed the limits of their pornography/sex addiction
(prostitution, child porn, etc.) so as to best address the escalation process,
under 40 years and white, any Christian faith
- parent/s to appear with user/addict teen, any Christian faith
- 2 other sets of parent/s to appear without user/addict child (parents of
very young children…8-14 yrs), any Christian faith
- 2-3 couples to appear together, under 35 yrs of age, one spouse is an
addict, any Christian faith, fairly new to recovery phase
- 3-4 wives of addicts to appear alone, under 35 yrs, any Christian faith,
their addict spouse does not have to be in recovery
- 2 divorced couples (split b/c of addiction) to both appear on camera, they
can either be interviewed together or separately, under 35 yrs, any Christian
- 2-3 couples who are well into recovery, who can exemplify how couples can
get through the addiction together and be better for the experience, under
50 yrs, any Christian faith

This "wish list" is not set in stone.  Any individual who isn't an exact match, but a good choice is needed for this project.
We assume that those willing to go on camera with their stories will likely be far into recovery, but we are very interested in those who aren't quite all the way there yet to speak on their experiences as well.
If you have questions for me, please let me know.  I very much appreciate your help and hope that you will consider this information and respond as quickly as possible. Our search is time sensitive and we need your support. We believe with the right stories, individuals and experts involved, this film will change so many lives for the better.

Please contact them if you are willing and able. If nothing else I hope that we will all be able to see the film and watch the effect it will have on the many who desperately need it.

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