Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'll call myself Jane

I came across this blog in the search for a blog directed towards women like me.  I desperately needed to "meet" someone else who understood the things I've been struggling with. 

I was married in the temple to a chaste return missionary with no previous struggles with pornography or self-gratification. (I'll refer to him as Pete.) We have both had callings in presidencies and attended the temple regularly.  We have children and strong testimonies. 

My husband's struggle with pornography began a few years into our marriage when he traveled frequently for work.  It became worse when a work promotion required him to have a cell phone with internet service.  Fortunately we have found ways to help with this.  On his iPhone I have used a passcode to disable YouTube, Safari and iTunes.  He can still access his email and some other permitted apps.  When traveling he locks the t.v. remote in the safe provided in his room. 

We still suffer setbacks, he has episodes of weakness and unfortunately I usually respond with episodes of anger and hopelessness.  But through our faith and love for eachother we believe that we can overcome this. 

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