Sunday, August 14, 2011

I know, I'm awful

Ok, so this is a little off topic but not really. I have to vent my annoyance. This has been annoying me for some time but tonight it is to the point of venting. So we have an incredibly, I mean INCREDIBLY wealthy bishop. He provides many families in our ward places to live for free or pretty close it. And I sure many other things that people are unaware of. Super nice, I know.  So 2 years ago when we were first in the ward we wanted to provide Thanksgiving for someone and so we asked the Bishop. He said no one was in need so we didn't do it. We were bummed but if no one needed it what are we to do. We transferred to a student ward shortly thereafter because we didn't fit in very well in that ward. Well, recently our student ward changed boundaries and we are back to our family ward with this Bishop again. The ward is great just not a super lot of young people. So we meet with the Bishop about our pornography situation and he says he will find some good counseling and get back to us the next day. The whole interview overall was weird. He didn't seem super knowledgable and even left the meeting because his wife suspected a burglar in the neighbors home. He asked if we wanted blessings and when we said yes he said ok lets schedule it because he had another appointment. We have yet to get those blessings 2 1/2 months later. I understand he is busy but I honestly don't feel very cared about. He also asked if we would be able to afford it. We said hesitantly that we would make it work (we are in the hole thousands due to school and haven't had a job for 2 years) but this was worth it. The Bishop is loaded, he could have made us feel less stupid about our lack of money. A week goes by with no contact from him. I finally try to find my own couseling and to get it paid for the Bishop has to approve. NO ONE could get ahold of him. Not me, not my hubs, not the counseling place. BLAH! I am pretty annoyed by this point and feeling quite alone and abandoned. My husband finally found free couples therapy through his school so we went to that. So basically what I am saying is how frustrated this whole thing has been when I know that we have a VERY caring and financially sound Bishop but when it came to my time of need he was and still is no where to be found. He still has never met or asked us about how we are doing. We don't even have callings (which really annoys me). For all he knows we are getting divorced (which we're not). We're doing surpisingly well. :) So anyways now that I have vented I feel bad because I am sure he is an amazing man and helps so many. I just wish that in my desperate time of need I was watched over. Thank goodness for a husband who even though he caused the problem is so eager and ready to support me. Ugh. I hope that you have found a different experience when confronting this problem. That others have come to your rescue instead of having to find everything yourself. I am grateful for the people I did confide in who have helped me but I am quickly learning that it is something I have to do myself. No one else can do it for me.

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