Friday, October 21, 2011

I did it!!!

I did it!! Well, rather my husband did it but hey at least it's done. DVR is GONE!!!! He finally took it back to the cable company for me today because he knew I wanted it gone but was never gonna get around to doing it. What a good guy :) It's weird honestly to not have our shows to watch. We have worked on our Amazing Race application (ya I know, awesome huh), made homemade soft pretzels and limeade. Haha wow that is a lot. Think of all the great things we will get done now that we don't have our recorded shows! I am excited actually and hooray for saving money too. Always a bonus in life (I'm a couponer ;).
On another note today I had yet another interesting encounter. My friend was talking to me about her rocky marriage and I just told her life that her marriage is sooo worth fighting for no matter how long and painful the journey is. She went on to talk about blogs she has found where the wife is supportive and encouraging to her husband regardless of his pornography addiction. Oiy vey, ironic to say the least. She clarifyed that this wasn't her source of marital problems and said she would never be able to handle such a thing. I just shook my head, once again lost for words. So I guess hats off to us? Haha. Ok sorry I shouldn't be laughing about such things because we ARE amazing, beyond amazing actually. Everyone is dealt a different hand in life and what we do with it will determine the person that we are. Keep pushing forward. Become better because of the hand you have been dealt.


  1. WAY. TO. GO.!!! Both of you! Truly this totally excites me for you. Our time can be much better spent. ("our" meaning anyone and everyone.). And I'm sure you'll be surprised at what is able to fill your nights in it's place. Huge pat on the back and a great big hug! :)

  2. You are absolutely right. Hats off to us! I think if your friend digs deep she would discover that she is capable of finding forgiveness that she otherwise thought wasn't possible. That has been the case for me anyway.

    Awesome about the t.v! I bet it won't be long before you forget what you're [not really] missing.


  3. I have heard so many people say to others, "I'd never be able to do what you do." But the truth is, we can all do it. We can do whatever life throws at us. No one "does it" because they are stronger. They "do it" because they have to. That's what they were dealt in life. This is one of the most significant things I learned in the last 2 years.

    Also--great job on getting rid of the DVR! It is amazing what other things we can do in our time. We still watch a lot online, but not as much as we did with DVR.


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