Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Broken Hearted...

I feel broken hearted... again. Not because of my own life but because of my best friend's. Today she confided in me that she is getting a divorce. My heart literally broke. I decided to confide in her what I have been dealing with. Low and behold her husband suffers from a similar addiction. They have additional turmoil besides this addiction but I am continually reminded of Satan and his power. It sickens me to see the control he has on people in these last days. People and families lives are being broken because of his sneaky tactics. My heart aches for all those suffering in whatever trial they've been handed but especially for my best friend. I want so badly to fix what is broken for her. Make her marriage perfect and whole again, but I can't. I will love her and continue to be her friend. I will listen and support her. I hope that she and her husband whether they end their marriage or not can be happy again. I hope they can remember Heavenly Father who is all loving and powerful. I hope they will heal and strengthen themselves to be better because of this awful trial. Life is most certainly not easy. I am learning this all too quickly and personally. My heart aches for all of our dire situations but I know if we turn to our Heavenly Father we will survive this. Let Him lift this burden from you. Become better and stronger because of this. It's not easy or quick getting there but it will be worth it. I love my dear friend so much and support her in her decision whether she stays or goes. Thank goodness for a wonderful loving Father in Heaven!


  1. It mostly just scares me that we will be divorced eventually. You sound like a good friend. She is lucky to have you.

  2. You sound like an amazing friend.... This girlfriend of yours will need you more than ever as she goes through the awful hell of divorce. It's brutal!

    But I will say this... There IS life after divorce. And even though it IS something I never EVER wanted, nor was it something I wanted for my child, we ARE happy! A broken home is not ideal... it's NOT what I signed up for... and even though so I was broken hearted, and my family and friends were too, it was the best decision for me. Looking back, it was the ONLY decision.

    Your friend will be okay. Continue loving her and supporting her and sit back and watch as she slowly but surely find happiness again. It doesn't seem possible now... destroyed marriages, sharing children every other weekend, lawyers, child support, stepmoms and stepdads, dating again, being a single mom, having your temple sealing cancelled.... It all seems so horrific but I promise that it will get better.

    Divorced women would tell me over and over and over again that there would come a time when you're happy that you went through what you did because if you hadn't, you wouldn't be where you are now. I couldn't fathom that concept... it hurt too much... but now, almost 2 years later, I'm a happy single mom. I never think about my ex anymore.... I don't hate him... I want him to be happy too.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways.... Who would've thought I'd be where I am now?? Divorced and HAPPY!


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