Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't Worry...

I know you have all been so panicked, probably losing lots of sleep at night (haha)... You probably thought I feel off the planet or something... Nope, still here just been busy I guess, or maybe I haven't known what to blog about. Anyways here I am again. I feel like I kind of repeat myself over and over on this blog about the same things but I guess it's because that is what's always on my mind. A while back I had the crazy idea of making my blog known. Like Jacy has done. I love it because putting a name, face, and story together is so much more real. I have thought on occasion as well, 'What if my best friend reads this blog and has no idea that this is me? She might need help, support, things which I could do for her but she doesn't even know this is me.' I mean what do I have to lose? Everyone who reads this thing is in my boat. If they read it so that they figure out who I am and judge me that is a little messed up right? Anyways it is still a little frightening to me. My husband and I interviewed a few weeks ago to possibly be part of the Shamed movie (who knows if they'll need us or not) but if we did that everyone would see our faces and names, yet we don't care. We want to help someone, anyone. We know the misery and we know the joy of recovery as well. If people choose to judge us that is there problem rnot ours. So anyways, back to showing myself on this blog... I will think about it. Chat with the hubs... Make a decision... And who knows... Maybe you might know me... Maybe I am your best friend... Maybe your neighbor... Maybe I am your daughter or sister... Or maybe I am a stranger... But a stranger who knows your pain, who knows your journey, who knows your heartache and who also knows your joy (or the joy you will soon have again). Whether I show my face and share my name I guess it doesn't really matter. My story is still the same. Pornography addiction sucks, it's difficult and painful, it's miserable and degrading, it's 'a million unkind words, HOWEVER happiness is possible again. Recovery is possible again. That 'perfect little mormon family' is possible again. Fight this plague. Support your hubs through his recovery and more importantly (hey happy wife happy life, right?) help yourself. Make yourself a priority and do whatever you have to to be happy again. I promise you it is possible and it is so incredibily worth it! 


  1. Oh how I long to link my anonymous blog to my real blog. You and your husband sound very strong. I hope you're able to participate in Shamed.

  2. I hope you get to participate too! I think it would be rad to hear and see your success story.

  3. I would love it too!!! I miss seeing your lovely face at group

  4. Wife A!! I have been wondering where you are!!?? Losing sleep, no... Lol BUT I have been thinking about you ;)

    Interestingly enough, I reached out to two old friends from my childhood via FB and told them about my blog. I wasn't sure why I felt compelled to do so... It was this prompting, really.... And guess what??? They BOTH wrote back and told me that their marriages had been seriously affected by pornography. I couldn't believe my eyes as I read what their messages contained. You are so not alone and I commend you for interviewing for the Shamed movie. Bravo!

    But even if you don't get featured or you don't come out of anonymity on this blog, you are STILL helping SO many women out there!!!!! You are doing wonderful things!!!!!

    Anyway, I've missed reading your posts! Hope you are doing well.... ;)


  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support and comments. It makes me realize I am not blogging to thin air, haha. Thank you, really.

  6. Wife A
    I appreciate this blog and like to re-read favorite posts every once in a while to give me some perspective. Thank you for your cyber support and real wisdom
    Wife C

    1. You are awesome too, Wife C! Keep on, keepin' on, ladies! We all need each other.

  7. Don't worry about repeating yourself! We all do it. We have to. It's what keeps us going. Besides, this blog isn't just for our entertainment value (haha), it's to help you sort through things. ;) We totally get it.


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