Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Step number 12 in the addiction recovery program is Service. I have always enjoyed providing service to others because it really does make you feel better when you give to others. I have found even more meaning to service in the last few months. I have had many serve me with kind words, encouragement, and pure listening to which I am very grateful! I have found that through sharing my trial and "story" with a select few I have really been able to have an impact on their life and what they are dealing with. I have been able to show my neighbor that we are not the "perfect mormon family" next door. We are happy and love life and each other, however we are enduring great adversity right now. I think it was very eye opening to her to realize that we all are given trials yet we can still be happy while overcoming them. I also was able to encourage my mom to get counseling herself. She experienced a very traumatic event finding my brother nearly dead in her kitchen years ago. She needs counselling but is unwilling. Since I have now attended my own therapy I was able to explain to her how helpful it can be. I feel blessed to be an example to others even if their trial isn't necessarily pornography. I also very much appreciate the example of women I know who are living wonderful lives amidst the trial that has been put into their lives. Wife J I know very well and she continues to amaze me, seriously. I wish you could all know her personally. She, her husband, and family are amazing people and do so much good for others. I owe a lot to her for her example to me. I have a strong testimony of service and the good it can provide to you in your life as well and the good it provides to others. In times of heartache I find it even more rewarding and hope we can all improve on serving those around us. Whether it is a smile, a hello, sharing your story, or a thoughtful note it will be recognized and very much appreciated.

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