Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I apologize GREATLY for those who have emailed me and not gotten a response. I would have been so frustrated and I am truly bummed I was not a better help to you out there. I hope that you will still feel free to contact me via email. I will be better, promise. I hope that you are finding hope and healing through 12 step groups, online forums, religious leaders, and any other resources you can get your hands on. Pornography addiction is REAL. So so so so so so stinkin' real. I hate it. It is hurting so many and ruining so many lives it's just ridiculous. I hurt for all of those who have been personally affected. I know, from first hand experience that recovery and healing are possible. When your spouse is ready to heal, support him. You cannot force him to want to change, unfortunately. You can however in the meantime heal yourself. Even though you are not addicted to pornography you have been sucked in and deeply wounded. You need healing. You need healing even if your husband was 'cured' tomorrow. And it is possible. Fight to be happy again. Fight to have a good marriage again. It is so worth it and so possible. You can do this!


  1. Thanks for your inspiring words. I so agree with you. When our husbands feel the need to seek help, we should support him 100%. My hubby is a recovering porn and sex addict under the GreatnessAhead program and while I am thankful that our relationship and intimacy are way better the past few months that what we had to go through 3 years ago, I admit that while he was on his way towards healing, I was broken. But though it's so difficult, you're right, we should aim to be healed and for our relationships to be stronger. All the best.

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